Pool & Fountain Repair

Water & Pool Solutions, Inc. can repair most problems associated with pools, spas and fountains in both home and commerical settings. Free Estimates, please contact Water & Pool Solutions.

Hot Tub Maintenance and Repair

Water and Pool Solutions can maintain your hot tub on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. We can drain, clean, refill and balance your hot tub as needed. We can also repair most brands of hot tubs and return them to peak operating performance. We also upgrade tubs from air operation to digital operation. Free Estimates, please contact Water & Pool Solutions.

Weekly Maintenance

Proper maintenance is essential for your pool and pool systems. It will ensure the efficient and economical operation as well as extend the life of your investment. The equipment that Water & Pool Solutions installs and maintains helps to reduce the amount of daily maintenance needed to operate your pool. It is however, essential to clean and maintain pool systems on a ongoing weekly basis.

For fitness centers, hotels, condominium buildings, and other types of properties with swimming facilities it is a large part of the regular upkeep. A lot of steps are required to maintain a sanitary, safe, and flawless environment – the type of environment that a business wants to project.

Helping our clients to maintain their reputation is part of what we do and enjoy. We will perform the following checklist of services every time we visit your pool; check and balance the water chemistry, skim water surface for debris, brush all walls, vacuum, inspect all pool equipment

If there is another maintenance service that you require, please contact us today!

Drain & Clean

Water & Pool Solutions, Inc. can solve your pool problems when it has gotten out of hand by draining and cleaning. We will balance the chemicals and you will be ready to swim.

Filter Replacement

Liner Replacement

We can replace your vinyl liner using your choice of pattern from any of several of the industrry's top providers. Liner replacement inludes new gaskets, face plates and bottom repair as needed. You might want to consider changing the sand in your filter at the same time for combined savings. Please contact Water & Pool Solutions for a free estimate.

Leak Detection & Repair

No need to call Atlanta or Auburn for leak detection. We have over 20 years experience in finding leaks and repairing the problem, whether above or below ground. Please contact Water & Pool Solutions for a free estimate.

Sand Changes
We follow the industry standard of sand change recommened every 7-10 years for peak efficency. 

Motor Replacement

We can replace most pool pump motors with either a standard pool motor or a new energy efficient multispeed motor.

Spring Openings & Fall Closings

Outdoor commercial pools cannot stay open year round. Seasonal changes require pools to shut down temporarily and reopen when the weather permits. While a lot of work goes into the opening and closing of a pool, Water & Pool Solutions, Inc. has professional, trained and courteous staff on hand to manage both.  Pool Openings - Water & Pool Solutions, Inc. will complete the following services for a smooth and safe pool opening; removal of winter pool cover, removal of winterizing plugs for in-ground pools, reassembly and start-up of filtration equipment, reassembly of ladders, diving boards, lights, etc. and the addition of start-up chemicals. Some commercial pools require a deeper clean during the opening process, which is why we also offer a drain and wash option. To complete a drain and wash, the pool must be completely emptied before it is cleaned with either chlorine or acid. Pool Closing - We offer the following services for an easy pool closing; water draining, plumbing line preparation, winterization of filtration equipment, addition of winterizing chemical, disassembly of ladders, diving boards, lights, etc. and the installation of winter cover. Please contact Water & Pool Solutions, Inc. for details.

Safety Covers

Water & Pool Solutions, Inc recommends either a solid material or mesh safety cover for winter. These covers anchor to the pool deck and provide both optimal coverage and peace of mind that pets or chldren cannot fall in. Additionally, this gives your pool a neater look and cleaner water when uncovered. 

Some of your best memories are times spent poolside. Keeping the time spent at the pool fun and safe is a pool owner's top priority. Unfortunately, one of the leading causes of accidental deaths and injuries in children happen in or at a pool. Implementing safety precautions and products at your pool is your best line of defense. Knowing what these layers of protection are and their benefits, gives you the tools to make informed decisions.

Whether you are a residential pool owner, or operate a public pool, safety matters! Let Water & Pool Solutions, Inc. be your online source to your poolside safety needs. Contact us today!

VGB & ADA Compliance

When servicing an existing pool, Water & Pool Solutions, Inc. can ensure that it is safe and accessible for any swimmer by providing and installing equipment upgrades so you are in compliance. VGB Compliance - The Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act requires all public pools and spas to have specific types of drain covers in addition to other features for the protection and safety of swimmers. Water & Pool Solutions, Inc. can make sure any commercial pool has up-to-date pumps and main drains so that it is VGB compliant. ADA Compliance - All public pools must be in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act by being handicap accessible. Water & Pool Solutions, Inc. can renovate any pool to meet this requirement. Please contact Water & Pool Solutions for a free estimate.