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September 04, 2015 at 10:00 AM

Everything in our society today revolves around making life easier, more automatic, more efficient and more natural. The advancements in pool and spa care are no different. We have explored salt chlorination and its benefits of convenience and comfort. Here we will explore another innovative alternative to traditional chlorination, chemical free non-chlorine pool spa water purification using silver and copper ions.

The Carefree Clearwater copper/silver ion water purification system purifies water by destroying and filtering out algae and bacteria using a safe low DC current system.

Carefree Clearwater

History Behind Water Sanitization Using Copper & Silver

Copper and silver have been used for centuries to purify water. Copper works as an algaecide and silver as a bactericide. Copper based algaecides have been used in swimming pools, lakes, pools and fountains to prevent algae build up. In the 1960’s, NASA developed an electrolytic silver ionization system to purify water during the Apollo missions. Silver has been used to treat burns, prevent blindness in newborns and prevent bacteria in cosmetics so it makes sense to adapt the use to pool and spa purification.


How Does It Work?

The Carefree Clearwater system generates copper and silver ions to maintain water quality by destroying algae and bacteria with a change in their enzyme processes and filtering out the charged particles after they flock together. The ion system is PH neutral and is guaranteed for life.

What are the benefits of the Carefree Clearwater System?

  • The system will save you money, sometimes thousands of dollars.
  • It operates on less than a penny a day of electricity.
  • You will save money on expensive chemicals, such as chlorine, bromine, polymeric biguanide, stabilizers, algaecides and clarifiers.
  • Protects your pool equipment and pool surfaces from the harsh effects of chemicals.
  • Copper/Silver Ion treated water won’t eat through or bleach swimwear.
  • Water won’t destroy plants.
  • Carefree Clearwater System treated water won’t dry out hair and skin or burn eyes like chlorine treated water does.
  • The system will save you time.
  • Occasionally, you may have to shock with a non-chlorine oxidizer, such as after heavy use or after a large storm to break down debris from suntan oils, rain and wind.
  • Normal water testing and adjustments are all the work that is needed with this system, saving you time and money. 

It’s time to turn your pool into a Carefree Clearwater one. Call the experts at Water & Pool Solutions and let us make your life easier.

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