Hot, Hot, Hot

September 22, 2015 at 5:00 PM

Water and PoolAs the summer winds down and the days get shorter, football ramps up and you can feel fall in the air. Now is the time to start thinking about closing down the pool and opening up the hot tub for the fall and winter seasons.

Regular hot tub maintenance is the key to optimal performance and longevity. Just like your swimming pool it is important to keep an eye out for potential cracks and leaks, check water quality, and ensure the hot tub is clean, including its filters.

Water & Pool Solutions offers weekly, bi-weekly and monthly services to maintain your hot tub and will perform the necessary tasks to get your hot tub up and running and keep it running.

  • First, it is important that you check the PH and sanitizer levels daily in order to prevent scaling, mineral buildup, corrosion, skin irritation and cloudy and stinky water. This should be done weekly or before each use.
  • Second, weekly you should sanitize or shock your hot tub. This will keep the water clear and clean. Foam reducing agents can be used to reduce foam and a de-scaling agent can be used to help reduce mineral buildup.
  • Third, it is important to deep clean your spa’s filters. It is recommended to clean the filters monthly to maximize the spa’s performance and efficiency. Filters should be replaced once a year.
  • And fourth, every two to four months, depending on how often you use it, drain your spa and refill it with fresh water.

Another important tip in maintaining your hot tub or spa is to invest in a good cover. A good cover will protect it from weather, UV rays, dirt and other debris. Keep the cover clean to avoid mold or mildew from forming which can also effect the cleanliness of the hot tub.

Give Water & Pool Solutions a call today and let us provide you a free estimate so that you can relax and entertain this fall.

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